New Neverwinter

Neverwinter.jpgSocietal information – Races: Humans, Elves, Drow, Orcs
Religion : Oghma
Population: 23,192
Government : Constitutional Monarchy
Ruler: Lord Protector Dagult Neverember & General Sabine


Although Lord Nasher died during the Spellplague, he gave rise to a royal line that is believed to have ruled until Mount Hotenow erupted, destroying the majority of the city.

In 1451 DR, a Thayan plot to create a dread ring in Neverwinter Wood resulted in the release of the fire primordial who had been enslaved in ancient times by the Delzoun dwarves of Gauntlgrym to power their forge. The primordial’s awakening resulted in the explosion of Mount Hotenow which unleashed a pyroclastic flow that left Neverwinter in ruins. Thayans and their Ashmadai allies attacked the city in the wake of the eruption, hoping to cause enough deaths to fuel a Dread Ring but their plans were foiled with the help of adventurers and agents of Netheril.

Due to the help given by the netherese, the shadovar attempted a power grab in the city but were driven out when Herzgo Alegni was defeated in combat by Artemis Entreri and Dahlia Sin’felle, which inspired a revolt against Herzgo’s netherese ‘Shadow Guard’.

By 1461 DR, some settlers had returned to Neverwinter in an attempt to re-establish the city. Work on New Neverwinter started by building a new town around the ruins of the old city, however the dead constantly threatened the rebuilding work.

Three decades after the city’s destruction however, Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep, seeing an opportunity to add to his financial empire, would hire artisans and carpenters to help rebuild the city and mercenaries to protect it from monsters; he would eventually create the title of Lord Protector of Neverwinter, held by Neverember himself. However, it is wrong to say that Dagult is the ruler as many factions vie for Neverwinter and the citizens are divided in loyalties.


There are many factions involved in the New Neverwinter movement, with Waterdeep being the faction that started the movement, taking advantage of the doings of the Ashmadai, Shadovar and those of Thay. All four factions are the main powers in New Neverwinter, though others such as the Aboleths and Many-Arrows are also involved.


In addition to having an unnaturally warm climate, Neverwinter is a picturesque city and boasts such sights as its three spectacular, intricately carved bridges: the Dolphin, the Winged Wyvern and the Sleeping Dragon. Under these, the waters of the Neverwinter River cascade over small, gentle waterfalls as they course into the city’s bustling harbour. Neverwinter’s magnificent gardens (the phrase “The City of Skilled Hands” refers to Neverwinter’s accomplished gardeners) ensure the warm winters are colourful and the summers are rich with fresh fruit. The city is replete with beautiful and ingeniously designed buildings, many of which are famous in their own right, such as The House of Knowledge, and Neverwinter’s tall and many-windowed temple of Oghma. In addition, the reputations of such unique taverns as the Moonstone Mask and The Fallen Tower reach far beyond the Neverwinter’s walls and further add to the city’s distinction.


The city of Neverwinter can be roughly divided into four different districts. The inhabitants of these districts clearly differ in social class and status, wealth, prosperity, population and criminality. The Merchant Quarter, Blacklake, The Docks, and Beggar’s Nest.

Merchant Quarter

The Merchant Quarter is the district where most of Neverwinter is governed and controlled. The remnants of Castle of Neverwinter where Lord Nasher Alagondar lived and ruled. The Halls of Justice, a temple to Tyr, is also located in this district. In the middle of the district stands the Cloaktower, a meeting place for mages and sorcerers. The Merchant District is a busy district, populated mostly by middle-class inhabitants and merchants.

Beggar’s Nest

The Beggar’s Nest is a district of destitution where most of the poor inhabitants live and work. To the north is a great graveyard, and there has been several records of undead attacks in this district. Under this graveyard there are unexplored tombs and crypts from deceased men. Packed with narrow streets and slum houses, it contains just one tavern and inn aptly named The Shovel and Hammer.

Blacklake District

The Blacklake District is the district of the nobles and upper-class inhabitants. Some of the nobles are obliviously paranoid or snobbish, and there are several records of the Blacklakes cutting themselves off from conflicts in the core or other places (by creating a buffer of a gated, small district, sometimes called “No-mans land”). Almost all homes here are prosperous and wealthy, and the entire district is overall quite rich. Streams and small rivers of decorative water flows through the district.


The Docks is the district most prone to criminality. It is ruled mostly by organized criminal leaders and thugs, often leading to black auctions and markets. With the main harbour to the west, many illegal wares are easily smuggled into the district, much because authorities do not have a very strong grip on the contemporal events. The district founds The Golden Apple, an inn, and Twenty in a Quiver, a local warbrand shop.

New Neverwinter

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