Neverwinter Wood



Coming from Mount Hotenow, the Neverwinter River flowed through the woods of Neverwinter.


The Neverwinter Wood had a circle of druids, the Ring of Swords, who worked to drive out hobgoblins, gnolls, and bugbears from the woods, as well as protect its ancient sites from treasure seekers.


The elves originally called Neverwinter Wood the Llewyrrwood and the forest came to be a colony for Illefarn. When Aryvandaar annexed both Illefarn and the Llewyrrwood in -9900 DR, many of the residents fled to Shantel Othreier. Some stayed for a century, living under the yoke of the Vyshantaar until the queen of the Llewyrr, Synnoria, led a large force of her people out of their lands and across the Trackless Sea to the Moonshae Isles where they established the kingdom of Synnoria in her honour.

The Llewyrrwood was occupied once more when the realm of Illefarn was reformed. Circa -1100 DR, the last Coronal of Illefarn, Syglaeth Audark, decided to take his people to Evermeet. Again, some chose to remain in the Llewyrrwood, and formed the realm of Iliyanbruen which persisted until 177 DR when the last of its moon elves travel to Evermeet or Ardeep.

As of 1374 DR, elves still lived in the wood, though they made up one of the largest cells of the Eldreth Veluuthra, with other smaller cells operating in the surrounding area.

Neverwinter Wood

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